What is Magnetic Science?


A water molecule consists of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms (ie: H2O). Simply put, the oxygen atom acts as a negative, while each hydrogen atom acts as a positive.

Water molecules do not travel alone – they form clusters with other water molecules by the attraction of a positive hydrogen of one molecule to the negative oxygen of another. Water molecule clusters come in many sizes, depending on the number of water molecules involved.


water-molecules-toxinsIn the case of water that has not been magnetically structured, the water molecule clusters are generally comprised of many water molecules that are loosely attracted. This loose and chaotic form of attraction allows for toxins and pollutants to travel inside the water molecule cluster.

As these water molecule clusters pass by the cell membrane, many of them are sloughed off because they are too large or because of the toxins contained, which the plant is programmed to reject. The smaller of these chaotic clusters will enter the cell, some carrying toxins with them. It requires a great deal of unstructured water to hydrate a plant.


Partial-Complete-HydrationWhen applied to normal water, a magnetic field restructures the water molecules into very small water molecule clusters, each made up of six symmetrically organized molecules.

This incredibly small cluster is recognised by the cell as “bio-friendly” due to its hexagonal structure, and because the toxins cannot travel within the cluster, the water molecule easily enters the passageways in plant and animal cell membranes, which provides maximum, healthy hydration using less water.



Benefits of Magnetised Water

plantBenefits to Plants


Aside from restructuring water molecules into “micro-clustered” water, a magnetic field also breaks down minerals into smaller particles, which makes them more bio-available to the plant cells, and the results are dramatic.


Maximum hydration of healthy water with a greater uptake of minerals results in:

  • greater yields
  • larger and better end product
  • earlier maturation
  • longer shelf life
  • healthier plants
  • a reduction of the amount of water required
  • fertiliser and pesticide use is reduced


Eliminate Scaling

Scale-Since the magnetic structuring breaks all minerals into smaller particles, salt in the soil is broken down by the structured water, causing it to sink deep into the soil away from plant roots, and wash away.

The desalinization happens quickly over a season, creating much healthier plants, greater yields, and better final product. 
Since the hexagonal water molecule cluster won’t allow the bonding of minerals to it, magnetically structured water removes scaling from pipes and won’t allow new scaling to take effect.

The following statistics are increases in energy consumption as a function of scale thickness, taken from the US Department of Energy, Non-Chemical Technologies for Scale & Hardness Control: 

  • 1/32″ scale build-up = 8.5% increased energy consumption
  • 1/16″ scale build-up = 12.4% increased energy consumption
  • 1/8″ scale build-up = 25% increased energy consumption
  • 1/4″ scale build-up = 40% increased energy consumption

The Omni Enviro H2O ENERGIZER is a simple flange containing powerful, specific inductance magnet tubes that restructure the water and minerals passing through them into a more fulfilling and productive bio-available form.

Click here for more information on scale.

dirty-water-Benefits to People

Many natural as well as man-made influences have affected the molecular structure of our water supply. Environmental waste, toxins, minerals and chemical additives that treat our municipal water supply combine to produce ‘dead water’.

You can try to filter and purify this water, but it cannot be biologically active without the application of magnetic resonance. By improving the ability of our drinking water to dissolve compounds, we can increase its oxygen content. This enhancement, in turn, makes natural nutrients more readily available to our bodies. In addition, magnetised water has increased alkalinity, which helps to regulate the body’s pH level.


environmentBenefits to Our Environment

Finally, by safely and efficiently activating existing water supplies, we practice water conservation and environmental sustainability.



What is Beneficial Water?

Beneficial water means it actually enters the cellular structure of the plant or animal. Water that doesn’t hydrate defeats the purpose of the water, and because the primary reason for illness in all living things worldwide is dehydration, it is imperative to get the best water possible. 

A lot of sweet tasting, soft, bottled water doesn’t hydrate very well, because many of the water molecule clusters are too large to enter the cellular structure of the plant or animal. But when water is processed through the hydrodynamic magnets of the Omni system, the over-sized water molecule clusters are broken down into miniscule units, with only six water molecules in each cluster, which means it is bio-available to the cellular structure, and is able to easily enter the cells and hydrate more fully. 

Full hydration in plants creates healthier, more robust plants that produce greater yields and require less water. In humans, full hydration means a boost in the immune system because of the speedier, more efficient delivery of nutrients and removal of toxins from those cells. It degasses chlorine, chloramine and fluoride, making them non-interactive with the body. For all living things, this water breaks down minerals into smaller units and holds them in suspension, so they more effectively enter the cells.

Examples of animal health:

Omni water reduced the mortality rate of chickens by 200-300%. It created larger litters of piglets that grew to maturity faster.

Examples of plant health:

Omni water increased the yield on a test plot of spinach by 35%; provided 100 more boxes of sweet corn per acre (27% increase); produced increases of broccoli by 21%, lettuce by 24%, and 606 more melons per acre.

Now THAT’S beneficial water, and that’s why you don’t need as much of it to do a better job. It’s why we can guarantee a minimum 10% increase in yield for a minimum of 10% less water used.

But Omni water gets even better than just good. It won’t allow scaling—and even removes scaling. It washes salts away from the root structure of the plant. It balances pH. And much more. The benefits go on and on. The bottom line? We deliver healthier, hydrating water. 



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